Monday, December 30, 2013

Post National Premier: What Players have to say.

At the end of a tournament, its always nice to hear what the players have to say about their play, about the arrangements and regarding their future plans!
And the National Premier had all the top players of the country, so it will be interesting to hear what each of them has to say. Besides you will get to know them better.
So I decided to take an interview of all the players and compile it in one video!
Have a look at it!!


  1. Must have been a nice tournament! Would have been greater had it been kept someplace with more public exposure! But then, players would have lost out on the peace and calm of natural Jalgaon, very much unlike the games! :D

    1. Yes its always a trade off between a quiet place or a more accessible place. But I think it should be the latter, only then chess will be popular!