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Indians at Isle of Man 2017
Aronian and Caoili tie the knot

Who is Ding Liren?
12 years later Aronian wins the World Cup again!
Live games page
Round 7.4: Die another day
Round 7.3: A mouth watering clash awaits us
Round 7.2: Aronian's masterful technique falls short
Round 7.1: Ding Liren's immaculate opening preparation
Armenian Lion vs Chinese Dragon and tour of Tbilisi
All my life I try to improve my chess level
Round 6.3: And then there were two!
Round 6.2: Ding Liren returns the favour
Round 6.1: Why didn't So sacrifice an exchange?
Round 5.3: Nasty 21...Kc7!! seals Svidler's fate
Round 5.2: Aronian, So, Ding are in the semi-finals
Round 5.1: Flawless Aronian crushes Chucky 
Round 4.3: MVL's Narikala against Grischuk
Round 4.2: Aronian and Ivanchuk set up round five clash!
Round 4.1: Ivanchuk is Ivanchuk!
Round 3.3: Caruana bows out
Round 3.2: World No.35 eliminates World No.1
Round 3.1: Can Magnus Carlsen save himself?
FIDE World Cup: The shorts episode
Round 2.3: Ten 2700+ players knocked out
Round 2.2: Anand and Karjakin knocked out
Round 2.1: Magnus Carlsen having fun in Tbilisi
Round 1.3: Nail biting chess and true sportsmanship 
Round 1.2: Eljanov out; 22 tiebreaks!
Round 1.1: 35 decisive games
A glorious opening ceremony

Tbilisi loves you!

Paleochora Open 2017 - where the entire town celebrates chess!
Tigran Gharamian unbeaten in Belgium
An Endgame lesson and personalities at the Charleroi Open 2017
Indian 12-year-old crosses 2500
Volodymyr Vetoshko wins 1st Irena Warakomska Memorial
11th ChessBase India show with Peter Heine Nielsen

The Warakomskas give a fitting tribute to their mother

JULY 2017
Wesley So beats Vishy Anand and wins Leon Masters
Help Nino Khurtsidze overcome cancer
Sasikiran wins Capablanca Memorial Part II
Stupak, Nikolov and Bernadskiy win the 10th Paleochora Open 2017

JUNE 2017
David vs Goliath: My first win against 2600 GM 
Struggle of a village boy who became a World Champion
Master Shifu of Indian chess (3/3) (edited by me)
Sasikiran wins Capablanca Memorial 
Team India shines at Team Championship (game analysis by me)
Motylev and Ilyumzhinov bring a smile on children with disabilities

MAY 2017
Chess species classified (edited by me)
Master Shifu of Indian chess (2/3) (edited by me)
An hour with Alina l'Ami

APRIL 2017 
Praggnanandhaa – Yet another Indian super talent
India's strongest online blitz tournament

MARCH 2017
Aeroflot Rd6-8: Tournament victory and Dortmund await Fedoseev
2750 is my next barrier – Interview with B.Adhiban Part II
Vladimir Fedoseev wins Aeroflot 2017
Make your best game a part of Mega Database 2017
Brand new way of analysis – Assisted analysis

ChessBase India show with GM Jacob Aagaard

Gibraltar R09: David Anton leads, nine follow
My favourite chess book
Erwin l’Ami’s Dutch Stonewall-A hard nut to crack
In order to beat the monsters I had to become one myself
The prestigious Aeroflot Open begins
Aeroflot R04-05: Evgeniy Najer on a roll

I never celebrate until I get back home with the trophies
3rd ChessBase India online tournament on 15th January
Strengthen your chess with IM Nisha Mohota
Hans Berliner dies at 87 (one game annotated by me)
Tata Steel Rd.3 Manic Monday (one game annotated by me)
Tata Steel Rd.2 Eljanov takes lead, Carlsen wins (one game annotated by me)
Elo average of top ten at Gibraltar Masters is 2758
Gibraltar R01: Top seeds have it easy
Tata Steel R7: You win some, draw some (one game annotated by me)
Tata Steel R6: Higher they rise harder they fall (two games annotated by me)
Gibraltar R2: Top players face tough resistance
Gibraltar R3: Only one 2700+ with 3.0/3

A sunday task for our readers
A day with the Queen of Katwe (1/2)
Mark Dvoretsky's final interview Part III
A day with Queen of Katwe and Daniel King (2/2)
Topalov plays A la Mihail Tal
Sergey Karjakin (the inside story)

Isle of Man 01+02: Wesley held by Harika (five games annotated by me)
Isle of Man 07: Harika beats Hou Yifan
Isle of Man 08: How to mate with a bishop and knight
News flash: A truly historic game
World's smartest chess board is here
Improve your 1.e4 repertoire with our Fritztrainers
Hoogeveen 2016: Short, Sokolov and Gupta are stars (edit and one game analysis)
Mark Dvoretsky's final interview - Part I
Chess 960: Instructive or just fun (edited by me)
Corsica Masters: Anand vs MVL in final (one game analysis)
Mark Dvoretsky's final interview - Part II

Now you can get ChessBase news in Hindi
Team India at the chess Olympiad in Baku
Lesson in strategy: knowing your classics
In chess 40 is the new 50
Even Kramnik couldn't find this one
Play three tournaments in Incredible India
How Anand trounced Mamedyarov's speculative sacrifice (video by me)

A school drop-out, a world class GM and a CEO (1/2)
A school drop-out, a world class GM and a CEO (2/2)
Listen to Tania sing the National Anthem
A breath of fresh Air: Leiden Open and the city
Sandipan Chanda dominates Dutch Open in Dieren
Stories, insights and studies from the Dutch open
Interview with man of the moment: Wesley So

JULY 2016
Areshchenko wins 3rd Porticcio Open 2016
Third Porticcio Open 2016 in Corsica
Vachier Lagrave wins Ciamannacce blitz
Shahrukh Khan's most valuable gift
Roeland Pruijssers wins 10th Leiden Open 2016

JUNE 2016
The case of the falling queen
How to learn from chess studies (solution explained by me)

MAY 2016
Improve your chess with Boris Gelfand (2/2)
Harikrishna looks back on Norway 2016
Play the openings like a GM
A beautiful study explained
MCL 2016: where chess meets fun (edited by me)

APRIL 2016
Candidates Closing ceremony revisited
Short, Izzat and Cheng win 50th Ballarat Begonia (edited by me)
Karjakin withdraws from Norway Chess
I am not afraid of Magnus
A pilgrimage to Moscow: The Aeroflot Open
Vishy Anand feted with Hridaynath Award
Understanding the Breyer
You cannot just play chess in Cannes (edited by me)
Magnus knows his Classics
Parligras is the Romanian Champion 2016
Norway Rd.5: Harikrishna and Topalov win (main game analysis by me)
It's Blitz: Kasparov against Nakamura, So and Caruana
Improve your chess with Boris Gelfand (1/2)
Garry Kasparov still has the magic
Nakamura is the ultimate Blitz Champion

MARCH 2016
Aeroflot Open 2016: Round 1 in Moscow
Aeroflot R04: Najer leads, twelve follow
Aeroflot R07: The fight for every point
Opening ceremony at the Candidates 2016
CandidatesR01: Anand the first to score
Candidates R02: Nakamura implodes, Karjakin strikes
Candidates R03: Aronian beats Topalov
Candidates R04: Super Sergey!
ChessBase Account: A video overview (video by me)
Candidates R05: Fabiano's Benoni
Candidates R06: Anand beats Svidler, Aronian wins
Candidates R07: Nakamura beats Topalov
Candidates R08: Caruana is back
Candidates R09: Anand beats Aronian
Candidates R10: Caruana wins, joins lead
Candidates R11: Vishy Anand, the comeback man
Candidates R12: Young guns forge ahead
Pictorial report from Candidates 2016
Candidates R13: It's Karjakin or Caruana
Sergey Karjakin is the new Challenger

February 2016
Looking back: Qatar Masters 2015 - a class of its own
Adhiban: from a challenger to a master (edited by me)
Adhiban: from a challenger to a master (2/2) (edited by me)

What makes the London Chess Classic special?
Ivan Bukavshin dies at the age of 20
Are you ready for a tactics fight?
78th Tata Steel begins on Friday
78th Tata Steel Challengers group (edited by me)
Looking back at the Keres Memorial - ACP Open 2016
Tata Steel Rd.6: Carlsen leads with Caruana and Ding (one game analysis)
Aeroflot Open 2016: Not to be missed
Tata Steel R07: A day of big wins (one game in masters and entire write up in challengers)
Looking back at the Keres Memorial - ACP Open 2016 (2/2)
Tata Steel R08: Carlsen leads after Caruana falters (one game annotated by me)
Tata Steel R09: Carlsen takes full point lead (one game annotated by me)
Anand starts with a draw (one game annotated by me)
Tata Steel R10: Caruana closes in on Carlsen (entire challengers section by me)
Gibraltar R03: Battle of Sexes (idea at the start is mine+ two game annotations)

ChessBase Account: Become an opening expert
Mighty Indians at the World Youth 2015
Pert and Howell in British Knockout finals
Chess Classic has started in London
London R01: Giri beats Topalov with black
London R02: All games drawn
London R03: The solid Berlin and the volatile Najdorf
London R04: Nakamura is World No.2
London R05: Vishy beats Topalov in virtuoso endgame
London R06: Grischuk grinds down Anand
London R07: Three decisive games
London R08: Giri wins, exciting finish expected
ChessBase Account: Test and register
London R09: A magnuficient Sunday at the LCC (1/2)
London R09: A magnuificient Sunday at the LCC (2/2)
Qatar Masters starts on Sunday
Qatar R01: A day of surprises
Qatar R02: Nine players on perfect score
Qatar R03: Chess and football in Doha
Qatar R04: Five stars and one dark horse (game analysis by me)
Qatar R05: The Magnus Attack
Qatar R06: Race for the title
Qatar R07: Two rounds to go, three leaders
Qatar R08: It's a Carlsen vs Kramnik showdown
Qatar R09: Magnus supreme in Qatar

Living life the Jobi way 1/2
Living life the Jobi way 2/2
Abhijeet Gupta on Hoogeveen 2015
ETCC R01: Top seeds have it easy
ETCC R02: France beats Armenia
European Team Championships 2015 R3+4: Russia
ETCC R05: Magnus goes down to 2832
ETCC R06: Things heating up in Reykjavik
ETCC R07: Russians forge further ahead
ETCC R08: Hungry Hungarians

Baku Finals: Svidler versus Karjakin
Mumbai remembers Bobby Fischer
Magnus at the Qatar Masters 2015
Mariya Muzychuk leads in Monaco GP
Hou Yifan leads Monaco Women's Grand Prix
World Rapid 2015: Carlsen rises to the top
World Rapid 2015: Magnus retains his title (game annotations by me)
World Blitz 2015: Grischuk wins third title (game annotations by me)
Hou Yifan wins Monaco GP by two points
Isle of Man winner: Harikrishna in interview
High quality chess in Skopje
ECC2015 R5: Siberia and Nona lead
Skopje: Siberia and Nona ECC 2015 champions
Alexey Smirnov wins World disabled 2015

Hejazipour new Asian Women's champion
Grandelius wins Abu Dhabi Masters 2015
Prize winners at the Abu Dhabi Masters
Final impressions from the Abu Dhabi Masters
World Cup starts today (one section written by me)
WJCC 2015: Duda and Abdumalik lead
Eight interesting match-ups from round two
Predictions for round three
Eight battles, tough predictions
Antipov and Buksa are World Junior Champions
Baku Rd4 TB: Pure Adrenaline (predictions by me)
Welcome to Qatar Masters Open 2015
World Cup: Predictions for the semifinals
Baku Semis G1: Experience over Youth (Game analysis by me)

Howell and Gormally lead 2015 British Ch
Lake Sevan 2015: A player's perspective
Lake Sevan 2015: A player's perspective (2)
Things heat up in Russian Superfinals (game annotations by me)
Jonathan Hawkins is British Champion 2015 (game annotations by me)
Tomashevsky leads Superfinals (game annotations by me)
Superfinals: Goryachkina leads (game annotations by me)
Superfinals Rd 5: Peaceful men, fighting women (game annotations by me)
Russian Superfinal Rd.6: Three and two leaders
Superfinals 7: Tomashevsky, Kosteniuk, Goryachkina
Superfinals 8: Three rounds to go
CBM 167 and Bailet's immortal combination
Tomashevsky and Goryachkina close to the title
Superfinals: Tomashevsky and Goryachkina win
Salem Saleh wins Asian Continental 2015
The 2015 Abu Dhabi Masters begin
Five leaders in Abu Dhabi

JULY 2015
Stefansson wins Teplice Open (1)
Teplice Open 2015: Impressions and Reminiscence
Dortmund 05: Caruana ties for lead (2 games annotated by me)
Hainan Danzhou and Wei Yi's immortal game
Dortmund 06: More Caruana  (two games annotated by me)
Harikrishna wins Edmonton International
Dortmund Rd.7: Caruana first, So second (two games annotated by me)
Danzhou: Wang Yue and Ni Hua going strong
Danzhou: Wang Yue wins with 2887 performance
Vaishali wins Indian Women Challengers
Tania Sachdev: Red Bull Battle for the Queen
Adhiban wins XXXV Benasque Open
Welcome to Abu Dhabi Masters 2015
Jan-Krysztof Duda wins Lake Sevan 2015

JUNE 2015
Igor Kovalenko wins Zalakaros Open 2015

MAY 2015
Metz Open 2015- Part 2
Interview with Surya Shekhar Ganguly
Lessons from a 2600+ grandmaster
Lessons from a 2600+ grandmaster (2)
Louiseau wins 6th Lucopen in Lille
Lucopen Lille: Secret of scoring a GM norm

APRIL 2015
The 17th Dubai Open begins
Dubai: Three players lead after four rounds
Dubai: Fedoseev, Shabalov lead after seven rounds
Dragan Solak wins 17th Dubai Open
Vladimir Onischuk wins Metz Open 2015

MARCH 2015
35th Indian National Team Championships
India strikes, China equalizes (two games annotated by me)
The best way to learn endgames
Learning endgames with ChessBase 13
How grandmasters think
Personalities at the Indian Team Championships
Reykjavik Open Kicks off (5 games annotated by me)
Reykjavik is heating up (6 games annotated by me)
Six perfect in Reykjavik (4 games annotated by me)
Mamedyarov perfect 5.0/5 in Reyk  (4 games annotated by me)
Navara and Mamedyarov draw, three lead (4 games annotated by me)
Erwin L'Ami now sole leader in Reykjavik (4 games annotated by me)
L'Ami's rampage continues (4 games annotated by me)
Reykjavik has a winner (4 games annotated by me)
Man of the moment: Erwin L'Ami
Last round in Reykjavik (3 games annotated by me)
Vijayalakshmi, India's first WGM

ChessBase Magazine 164- A day well spent
ChessBase Magazine 164- A day well spent (2)
Zurich Legends: All even at 1:1
Zurich Legends: A match of equals!
Van Wely wins 75th Noteboom tournament
Van Wely wins Noteboom tournament (2)

Ni Hua has perfect start at Australian Open
Interview with Ivan Sokolov (1/2)
Interview with Ivan Sokolov (2/2)
Tata Steel Rd.1: Ivanchuk, Caruana, MVL win (4 group B games annotated by me)
Tata Steel Rd.2: Caruana wins again, event heats up ( 4 group B games annotated by me)
Tata Steel Rd.3: Too many pieces (5 group B games annotated by me)
Tata Steel Rd.4 : Action all around (5 group B games annotated by me)
Unstoppable Ni Hua crashes Australian Open
Tata Steel Rd.7: Errors, blunders and hallucinations (1 group B game annotated by me)
In Depth look at Challengers in Tata Steel
The inspiring story of Karelle Bolon (1/2)
The inspiring story of Karelle Bolon (2/2)
Karen Grigoryan is the Armenian Champion
Wei Yi at the Tata Steel Challengers (1)
Wei Yi at the Tata Steel Challengers (2)

Qatar Masters: Anish heading for a 'Caurana'? (game analysis by me)
Qatar Masters: Kramnik brings down Giri
Qatar Masters: Kramnik wins, takes sole lead
Myanmar Open won by Short and Belous (1/2)
Yu Yangyi wins Qatar Masters Open 2014 (game analysis by me)
Myanmar Open won by Short and Belous (2/2)
Daniel King: The art of using your pawns
The future is here: Cloud Databases (1)
Al Ain Chess Festival begins
Ukrainians lead Al Ain after three rounds
The future is here: Cloud Databases (2)
Al Ain: Nigalidze leads with 5.5/6
Nigalidze is Al Ain Classic champion
52nd Indian National Premier Championship (game analysis by me)

Reliving the World Championship 2013- part one
Reliving the World Championship 2013- part two
Anand vs Carlsen: After the first match
Anand vs Carlsen: After the first match-Part II
Sometimes sweet: Revenge matches
WCh Sochi: personalities, players and seconds
World Seniors brings back Legends
Invitation to the Al Ain Classics
Sochi G6: Carlsen won, Anand missed big chance (game analysis by me)
Sochi G8: An easy draw for Carlsen (game analysis by me)
Intense fights at the Ukrainian Championships
World Championship Sochi: Closing Ceremony
Carlsen interview after the match
Ukrainian Championships: Kuzubov and Muzychuk win
Qatar Masters: four GMs with a perfect score (game analysis by me)
Qatar Masters: Super Giri leads with 5.0/5

Rapport vs Laznicka: Contrasting Styles
Richard Rapport vs Viktor Laznicka: 3:1
World Junior has started in Pune
World Junior R01: Exciting chess and personalities
Rapport vs Laznicka: A thrilling match
World Junior R02+03: the tournament builds up
World Junior R04+05: Many leaders,close games
World Junior R06 and R07: Cori leads in Pune
World Junior rest day: a journey into Maratha
World Junior R08+09: Chinese and Russians top
World Junior R10/11: Goryachkina and Wei Yi lead
Lu Shanglei, Goryachkina win World Juniors 2014
A good line against the Grunfeld
Illya Nyzhnyk wins Spice Cup 2014

Dresden Open 2014- winner's account part 2/2
Humpy's spectacular Indian wedding
Pegasus chess extravaganza in Dresden
Nisha Mohota wins Indian National Challengers

Lake Sevan 2014: Vidit Gujrathi triumphs
Grigoriyan wins Badalona Open
Dresden Open 2014- the winner's account part 1/2

JULY 2014
Ni Hua wins XXII Montcada Open
Peralta wins XXXVII Barbera Del Valles Open
Grigoriyan wins Sant Marti Open
Adhiban dominates Biel Masters

JUNE 2014
Pantsulaia wins Mumbai Mayor's cup 2014
Impressions from Mumbai Mayor's cup (part I)
Impressions from Mumabi Mayor's cup (part II)
Asian Chess Clubs Champions League

May 2014
Sriram,Venkatesh win Indian Rapid and blitz
National challengers in Dharamshala
National challengers Dharamshala: 9 qualifiers
Dharamshala: an Indian Chess Paradise

APRIL 2014
Irene Sukandar Asian Women's champion
Yu and Irene win Asian Continental 2014
13th Asian continental with exciting battles
Gashimov R01: Carlsen with a flying start
Gashimov R01, Opening Ceremony, B Group.
13th Asian Continental: A two nation battle
Edouard wins Dubai 2014 in exciting finish.
Edouard leads alone in the 16th Dubai Open.
The Little talent from India on the rise.
Improve your chess with Tania Sachdev.
Players and Personalities at the Kolkata Open

MARCH 2014
Oliver Barbosa conquers Kolkata 2014
Candidates 2014: Spotlight on round two
Providing Anand for Anand fans
Candidates 2014: Players, events and schedule

An Indian Chess Wedding Part 1
An Indian Chess Wedding Part 2

Abhijit Kunte and Chess in Mumbai
Zurich Blitz and Opening Ceremony
Zurich 2014 a few hours away
Kunte breaks Indian simul record
Super Sasi wins in India

Indian National Premier starts today


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