Sunday, May 29, 2011

An instuctive pawn endgame!

I just woke up in the morning pretty dull! and i knew the perfect recipe for making my mood better! i went to playchess and decided to play a 5 min game. the following position arose in the game in which i was white.

Black to move.

White is clearly better here. maybe even close to winning. the only plausible idea i can think for black is to go Qd4 and exchange the queens! and that is what my opponent played.
1...Qd4 2.Qd4 cd4 3.b3 Rbe8 4.Rae1 Re4!?

Is a pawn ending good for white?

now black seems to have consolidated his position. all i can tell u is that with just 1 min on the clock left, there are high chances for you to go wrong in such positions. Here i saw tha chance of going into a pawn endgame! and guess what you dont have enough time to claculate the consequences but general knowledge of endgame will help you!
5.Re4! fe4 6.Rf8 Kf8

. White to play.

Well what justifies my decision? well it is absolutely clear that the two kingside pawns will keep
the black king tied up on the kingside. But at the same time the central e4 and d4 pawns tie up my king. but the most important point is that with my a and b pawn against his lone a pawn, i will also be able to make a passer on the queenside! in that way the black king cant protect both his fronts and he loses!! now lets convert these words into moves!
7.Kf2 c5 8.Ke2 a5 9.g4 Kg7 10.h4 Kg6 11.Kd2 Kh6 White to play.

now comes the most important move in this plan
12.c3!! and the game is over. 12...d3 13.a3!
and here my opponent resigned when he realised that a small little pawn is going to march ahead from the queenside making the black king look really dumb on the other side of the board!
the last few moves could have been
13...Kg6 14.b4 cb4 15.cb4(remember to take with the pawn with which he took! ab4 would leave white lost after a4!) ab4 16.ab4 and the b pawn wins the game!

An instructive endgame which made me feel fresh for the entire sunday ahead!