Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Position for the day - 9th Jan

A. Wotawa is a Magician on the chess board. He composes studies which are so beautiful that if you are able to solve them, you usually get that aesthetic pleasure which is unparalleled. Here he asks you to find a win for white.


White's first priority is to stop the b2 pawn from queening. Hence the first move is obvious 1.Rb7 a3. Blacks threat is now a2 and white has nothing in his power to stop the pawns. But how about creating a mating net? Am i crazy?!! Have a look!

White now played 2.Kc5! and black seeing what he could do other than to push the pawn played 2...a2
One of the pawns is going to queen! What is white to do? Is it time to throw in the towel? Not at all! Its time to form a mating net!

White now played the shocking move 3.Rf7!! What a move! Trying to weave a mating net around the king in the center of the board is one of the most amazing and imaginative thing in chess! 3..b1=Q (black could have tried 3...Kf7 4.Bd5 Kf6 5.Ba2 Ke5!? 6.Bb1! Kf4 7.Kd4 Kf3 8.Ke5 Kf2 {Kg2 f4 and white will win} 9.Kf4 +- a line which you must calculate.)
Black has made a queen now but the end is very quick! 4.Bd5 Ke5 5.f4# the king is slaughtered in the middle of the board. The final position deserves a diagram, dont you think so!!

Hats off to the brilliant Composer Wotawa, who from a seemingly banal position created a beautiful matting pattern!