Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aravindh wins the Chennai GM Open 2013.

14 year old Aravindh Chittambaram (2335) won the Chennai GM Open 2013 in field studded with around 20 GMs and 30 IMs!! This young 1999 born lad, dominated the field and scored 9/11 finishing a clear first by half point.

On his route to title victory he beat strong players like IM Kuderinov Kiril 2478, GM Drazic Sinisa 2469
IM Nolte Rolando 2436, GM Ter Sakhayan Samvel 2568, GM Lalith Babu 2570, GM Shyam Sundar 2544!
Phew! What a list! The consistency and the ease with which he beat all of these players was truly mind blowing!
Many people have dubbed him as the next big talent in India after Vishy Anand. I personally feel that he can really go the distance.
A few of his qualities are really like Magnus Carlsen as he keeps playing on without fearing the result, He hasnt prepared the openings so well but is an extremely strong calculator and a great Endgame player.
The thing which I like the most about him is his humility! At such a tender age its natural to be high handed and arrogant. But one senses no such traits in Aravindh. He is so down to earth and he really doesnt care about his achievements or victories. As you can see from the picture taken in the prize distribution ceremony, He was busy playing a game on the mobile and didn't really care that he had won the first place by making his 1st GM norm with a performance of 2728 and increasing around 80 elo points!!

The thing that I loved about Aravindh was that when I congratulated him for his good performance. He replied to me saying that his opponents just made mistakes and he was lucky. Now of course to win in chess you need your opponents to make mistakes but players dont usually want to put it this way. They always want to prove it was their excellent play which got them the victory. But Aravindh is truthful to himself and others! A talented at the same time modest person is really hard to find!
I predict really a great future for this kid and I hope that with Vishy Anand losing his crown just 2 days back, Aravindh will quickly fill up his shoes!!


IM Swapnil Dhopade and GM Lalith Babu try to show that Dosa is not always meant to be eaten! 

From L-R GM Mirzoev Azer,IM Ryazev Baruhz, IM Mozharov Mikhail, GM Ivan Popov.

Extremely experienced and strong GMs, GM Borovikov Vladislov (L) and GM Valery Neverov!

Best friends: IM Swapnil Dhopade and GM Shyam Sundar.

He often replies like Magnus Carlsen saying "I Dont Know!"-GM Vishnu Prasanna!

My very good friends: Journalist Niklesh Jain and the Hero Atul Dahale!

Experienced and Evergreen players: L-R IM Ratnakarn, IM Anup Deshmukh, Imocha Laishram and FM Prasenjit Dutta.

The very talented GM Vidit Gujarathi.
Eversmiling IM Narayan Srinath, GM Deepan Chakravarthy, WGM Soumya Swaminathan.

Always in a gang: Sameer Kathmale, Chinmay Kulkarni, Aniruddh Deshpande! (Rakesh Kulkarni is missing!)

Clear and Blue skies near Chennai Central Station!

To get the full results of the tournament,click on the link below:


  1. Even though I am out of touch now, your articles boost me up to play a tournament. So easily you put-up summary of what happened in a tourney.

    Feels lucky to have you in my FB friend list, otherwise I would have missed all the fun.

    Super-fabulous stuff.

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