Friday, November 8, 2013

A YouTube Video on Anand vs Carlsen WCh 2013


We have seen a lot of predictions made by many top players and analysis too. But this video is different. Sagar Shah elo 2378, has made a study of the games of Anand and Carlsen and tries to explain to you their strengths and weaknesses through the games played against each other!
These are Sagar's deductions:
1.With Initiative, Anand becomes fierecely stronger.
2.Anand is a very tricky defender
3. Sidelines by Carlsen dont really work against Anand.
4.Carlsen loves to milk risk free advantage.
5.Carlsen plays the opening with extreme logic
6.Carlsen has a psychological edge over Anand.

All these are explained with the help of games.
You can see many more games analysed by Sagar Shah, if you download the official app of the Anand Carlsen Match.
Here is the link:

Photo credit: Hindu Newspaper.

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