Sunday, October 30, 2011

Study the Studies.3

Dear Chess lover! welcome back on day 3! i call you a chess lover because you resisted the temptation to enter or in your address bar and instead came to this boring site to rack your brains to solve another study! Thank you very much! So what do we have today?! Todays composition is a game like situation! So be sure to give your 100%! because such a position might just occur in your game!


As is usual , we start with the most obvious line of play 1.ab7 doesnt work due to 1...Bf8 2.Kc6 Bd6 3.Bg4 Ke7=. Once this is established we realise that the black king controlling d6 square is very important. So we try to deflect the black king with 1.d4+ As we see there are 4 squares where black king can go to. 1...Kf5 and 1...Kf6 can be dismissed as the black king doesnt control d6 square and after 2.ab7 Bf8 3.Kc6 black has no way to stop the pawn. 1...Ke6 is a better try. However after 2.Bg4+! black has only move 2..f5 3.Bf5+- and surprisingly black has no good square to go to and white wins.

Through this logical deduction we realise that after 1.d4 Ke4! is the best move. Now starts the difficult part.


When the King comes to e4, you must make a mental note that any check on the b1-h7 diagonal by the B will result in a mate! 
2.d3 seems like a try. Now black has to stay in touch with d4 pawn. So 2...Kd3 3.ab7 Bd4 4.Kd6 is met by a simple move 4...f6! and black is able to save himself!(maybe even win!) infact after seeing the above variation i thought the f6 move is very important and hence came up with 2.Bg6!!(??) i thought it was a brilliant idea deflecting the f pawn but infact it was a losing move. 2...fg6 3.d3 Kd3! 4.ab7 Bd4 5.Kd6 and now brimming with happiness i said to myself f6 is not possible! what a genius i was!! But after the simple 5...Ke4 the work done by pawn on f6 is done by the K on e4!

So after the brief distraction and realising that 2.d3 doesnt work, we set our eyes on 2.Bf3 Kd3


 3.Be2!! the most important move! and you can find this if you were saying to youself that the black king sould not leave the control of the d4 square. 3...Ke4 is again forced and now after 4.ab7 Bd4 5.Kc4 Be5, the mental note that we had made above comes in handy and 6.Bd3#

 is one of the most picturesque mates i have ever seen!! 

Conclusion: What was the best thing about this position was that it had normal material balance. I mean it could very well occur in your game too! and important was to first realise through accurate calculation of variations that Ke4 was the only move. And then of course Be2 was the brilliant part of the problem but it was not tough if you had in mind that black king was low on space and that mating him was possible!
All in all i love this study a lot!


  1. Wonderful studies, I'm always amazed what a beautiful and deep game chess is and what great ideas are possible with such reduced material.

  2. why not a*b7 instaed of be2