Sunday, October 30, 2011

Study the Studies.2

Congratulations! You are now on day 2! it means that you tried to solve the study on day 1! So give your best today too! your efforts wont go waste!


SOLUTION:   First we look at natural moves. Re4 and Re8 both captures lose to cd2. Hence it is forced to start of with 1.d7+! Kd7 and now we take 2.Re4 The subtle point being that now 2...cd2 gives us a simple win with 3.Rd4+ King moves and Rd3 and white wins. So is it so simple after 2.Re4. How about trying to help black a little?
A shrewd defender will note that black has a small trick up his sleeve with 2..Bg6!! 3.Kg6 cd2 white is anyway foced now to give a check with 4.Rd4 Ke8! and i hope you had seen this defense where after 5.Rd3 its Stalemate!! So now after4..Ke8 its time for white to show his brilliance! What will you do?

Time to put your thinking hat on. this is the most beuatiful part and give a pat to yourslef if you found this move! 5.Be7!! you need to really be alert for mating patterns if you have to find this move! now if the black king takes the B on e7 then Rd3 wins. so black is forced to play 5...d1=Q and now after 6.Bg5!

Believe it or not nothing in this world can stop Rd8#!! A grandiose solution!

Conclusion: What i love about this study is the very clever defensive attempt by black which you must anticipate and then the brilliant retort Be7!! forming the amazing mating pattern.
All in all these 6 moves are so powerpacked that they can make any solver feel really happy!!


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