Friday, September 18, 2015

19 September - Let's remember Bobby FIscher

Robert James Fischer also known as Bobby Fischer, the 11th World Champion, was one of the most brilliant minds to ever play the game of chess. It was Bobby who popularized the game of chess thanks to the match of the century - his 1972 World Championship Match with Boris Spassky.
No matter how Fischer was off the chess board, no one can deny his pure genius on it. And as a chess player I think we should all revere the chess player in Bobby Fischer. It is with this intention that I have decided to keep the 19th of Septemeber as the Bobby Fischer Day!

19 September - Bobby Fischer day: What are the plans?

The movie Pawn sacrifice was released on the 18th of September in India. This movie which is directed by Edward Zwick and written by Stephen knight recounts the life of Bobby Fischer, his role played by the famous Toby Maguire.
The movie is set during the cold war period where Bobby Fischer, a lone American, challenges the mighty Soviet chess empire and defeats it!

On 19th of September, that is tomorrow, we will all meet at the R-city mall in Mumbai to watch this movie. The timing is 9.15 a.m. in the morning and the ticket cost is just Rs.70.

Just in case you have a double mind about watching the movie, this trailer will help clear that:

You can check out the review to this movie by one of the greatest economists ever Ken Rogoff on the ChessBase website.

The theatre where we will be seeing this movie is in one of the biggest malls of Mumbai, R-city mall in Ghatkopar (west). 

The google map will help you to locate the exact address of the mall

The movie lasts for two hours. After it ends around 11.30 am, we all take an auto-rickshaw and reach my place and sit in my living room. And what are we doing at my place?
Together we will watch the Master Class Volume one, a ChessBase DVD on Bobby Fischer.

The DVD has four sections:
The opening section by GM Dorian Rogozenco....

Fischer's strategic thinking by GM Mihail Marin....

Fischer Tactics by Oliver Reeh...

And endgames by none other than by GM Karsten Mueller.

It will be a marathon five hour viewing session (with a break in between for lunch where you can go downstairs and grab something to eat). If you have some urgent matters to attend to you can of course leave in between. But just imagine if you sit right till the end how much will you learn about the great Bobby Fischer and also the game of chess!

Cost: The cost for you involves coming to the movie theatre, buying the movie tickets, from the theatre to my house (which is around 50 Rs. and divided by three people!), lunch and going back home. There will be no fees for learning from the ChessBase DVD! 

Note: It is very possible for you to just watch the movie, meet us and then not attend the GM lecture on Bobby Fischer.

So all those who are interested, I will see you guys at the R-city movie theatre at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning! We will have a great chess filled day together. 
If you wish you can confirm your participation in this event by joining this event on facebook.

This event is organized by IM Sagar Shah, WIM elect Amruta Mokal and ChessBase India.

Do like our facebook page for more updates. The website will be coming up pretty soon.

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