Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carlsen- Anand World Championship 2014 Game 3

Analysis by IM Sagar Shah

My write up on the Game 3 on facebook


  1. Very good analysis Sagar. I like the way you try to engage the pieces; I advise players to engage in dialogue with pieces even during the game as it would preclude mistakes and strike a good rapport with the pieces.
    Keep exploring new ways!

  2. indian news channels are not giving any coverage to this news. even though on twitter it was 3rd most trending news of india. Sagar, you are a great chess player and an awesome writer. I think you have the potential to change india's news industry. Can you see a possibility of you joining the electronic media and make a mark.. or, start your own news channel.. I know, I am asking a lot.. but, this is need of hour and someone has to start.