Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Spanish trip begins!

It's said there is no gain without pain! We tweaked this a little and made it, "there's no gain without spain!" :) With our aim to become better chess players and further our chess playing careers, I and Amruta left for Spain on 21st June 2014 to play in four tournaments.
Me and my wife at home just before we left! :)

Our first tournament begins on 25th of June in Montcada, Barcelona. We decided to leave a bit early so that we could acclimatize ourselves with the Spanish climate and not let any fatigue affect our play.
Staying in Europe can be extremely cheap if you are in a group of four or more people. However, this time we had no one with us and hence taking a full apartment on rent was not feasible as it would be too expensive.
Thus we decided to stay as a paying guest through a booking done on

The bedroom is a little small but cozy. However, nothing compares to.....

The beautiful view from our apartment.

Currently my Elo rating is 2314 and Amruta is on 2043. Our main ambition is to play excellent games of chess. The results will follow on it's own!
Let's hope for the best! I will keep you posted on our progress. Till then you can have a look at the starting list of the tournament.

I leave you with three pictures from three different countries. India, France and Spain!

Lord Krishna with Radha at the Mumbai airport!

At the Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris. Our 3 hour halt before we left for Barcelona!

Hot theplas and pickle in the cool morning! A perfect Gujju breakfast!