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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The best author of 20th century

Today as I was going through the tweets on the twitter account I read 3 of Garry Kasparov's tweets. Here they are:

After reading these tweets I became very inquisitive about who exactly this man called Gabriel Garcia Marquez was.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. (1927-2014)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a colombian author who is considered as one of the most significant authors of 20th century. For his beautiful writings he received the nobel pirze of literature in the year 1982.
When I went to the website of Nobel Prize this is what they had to write about him:
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1982 was awarded to Gabriel García Márquez "for his novels and short stories, in which the fantastic and the realistic are combined in a richly composed world of imagination, reflecting a continent's life and conflicts".

On 17th April 2014 this great man died.
Barack Obama had the following words for him, " With the passing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez , the world has lost one of its greatest visionary writers-and one of my favorites from the time I was young."

His greatest work is supposed to be- One Hundred years of Solitude. Garcia always wanted to write about his Grandparent's home but he just couldn't find the right tone to write a book on it. Once when he was travelling somewhere by his car, he got an idea and immediately made a turn to go back to his home and start writing. Such was this man's dedication that he sold his car so that his family can live with that money while he wrote. He wrote his book everyday for 18 months. His wife had to ask credit from the butcher, the baker as well as 9 months rent credit from the landlord. Finally when the book was released in 1967 it became extremely popular! What a tale of dedication and belief in himself! His books are so popular that they have often outsold each and every other title in Spanish except for the Bible.

This man is a legend in the field of writing and it came to me as a huge surprise that I had never heard of him. Its a tragedy that this great man died 2 days ago! But thats the thing about great people. They leave a legacy behind them even after they are gone. Garcia Marquez is dead but his works remain! If great people like Garry Kasparov and Barack Obama have read his books, I think we too must make an attempt to read them and learn what this great man had to say.

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