Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is there any way to beat Carlsen!!

I wrote this post when the game between Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen was going on.

NAKAMURA(2789) vs CARLSEN (2872)

BLINDFOLD TRAINING! Lets do some calculation. 
In the given position white has an overwhelming advantage. Ok lets leave all our thoughts regarding top level chess and stuff like that and focus only on the position. Its white to play. say you start with the most obvious move. take 1.hg6 immediately you notice that game is over after 1...hg6 2.Qh4+-.
So that leaves 1.hg6 fg6 so now you just give a check. 2.Qe6+ now king moves are just stupid. 1...Kh8 loses to 2.Rdh1 and 1...Kg7 is crushed by 2.Rh7! So lets move to 2...Qf7 is out of the window because 3.Qd6 hangs (instead of Qd6, 3.Rdh1 is super strong and the end is faster). So 2...Qf7 is bad. That leaves 2...Rf7 but terminal is 3.Nf5! (3.Rdh1 is also strong) Now 3...gf5 is met with 4.g6! all over! and 3.Nf5 Nf5 is met with ef5 with crushing attack. Lastly to 2.Qe6 there is only 2...Nf7 but hey even we can see that 3.Rh7 is a bone crusher!
Is it really possible for a super strong 2789 player like Nakamura to miss such an easy win. I mean 1.hg6 is so obvious and the following variations are just forced and so easy to calculate that even we could do it in blindfold. 
My only explanation is that after losing so many games to Carlsen, Nakamura doesn't believe that an easy win exists against the world No.1!! Mental block you can say!!
As things stand right now, Carlsen has the advantage and I am sure he will not be as benevolent as Nakamura was!! 

PS: Magnus Carlsen was really not so kind hearted as he beat the USA no.1! Quite a heartbreak for Nakamura!

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