Monday, September 9, 2013

Carlsen's Challenge.

I saw a picture of Carlsen on facebook where he himself was sitting with a study and beneath it he had written. I solved it! Can you!
I paid no particular attention to it thinking it was just a gimmick. A few days later when I was chatting with India's talented GM Vidit Gujarathi, he asked me if I had solved the Carlsen's challenge which was exrremely interesting! I ll not like to reveal how difficult the puzzle is. Because its all relative. I always remember 1 story: a study that took Garry Kasparov 6 months and yet couldnt come with an answer was solved by a 2450 friend of mine in 1 night!!
So give it a try. You might just beat Carlsen before Vishy actually does it in November! :)

White to play and win
Answer will be uploaded as soon as i find it! :)

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