Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweet Sixteen!!

Round 4 of the World Cup 2013 begins today 20th August 2013! The top 2 winners of this event get a direct seat into the next candidate cycle! Quite a huge motivation! And we are left with a field that is so interesting and varied that it is well worth seeing what the matches have in store for us!

 Tomashevsky vs Morozevich.
 On one hand we have the brilliance and magic of Alexander Morozevich who is definitely the most creative player living on this planet and on the other hand we have the pragmatism and extremely calm Evgenvy Tomashevsky. I consider the match will go into the tiebreaks but I have a feeling that after beating the top seed Levon Aronian in the last round Tomashevsky seems like a hard guy to beat!
Prediction : Tomashevsky!

 Kamsky vs Mamedyarov
When Logic meets Chaos, we can be sure of entertainment. Kamsky who has had many a battles in the past with the absolute champion Anatoly Karpov will surely be upto the challenge but I think Mamedyarov is extremely well suited for this type of a tournament. His fluid style and putting pieces on weird squares makes him a really dangerous opponent. I will rate Mamedyarov's Madness a little bit over Kamsky's knowledge and expreience.
Prediction: Mamedyarov.

 Le Quang Liem vs Svidler
When i first saw Le Quang Liem in Kolkata Open for the first time I had a lasting impression of him. He was like any other 2600 GM and he thrashed the top seed of that event Mamedyarov. After the game he was so composed that it felt he was acting to a well rehearsed script! It is this calm approach of his that will meet the many time Russian Champion Peter Svidler! Having played at the elite level for years and years together Svidler needs no introduction! But his recent reduction of weight and increase in fitness levels shows just how serious he is about chess! However i find Le Quang's willpower to be higher than that of Svidler and after eliminating Grischuk in the previous round, I have a feeling that another Russian will be sent home packing.
Prediction: Le Quang Liem.

 Karjakin vs Andreikin.
Though this seems an interesting match up with two 22 year old lads pitted against each other, I have a feeling we have a clear favourite over here. Karjakin is definitely knocking on the doors of trying to become a World Champion and qualifying to the candidates means everything to him. I am not so sure about Andreikin who has just started his ascent into the elite. But if you want any measure of his talent than I simply have to put it this way, that in the last 2 times he met Kramnik, he beat him!!
Prediction: Karjakin.

 Caruana vs Granda Zuniga.
Would youth vs experience be an appropriate title for this match? I dont think so. For i think, though Fabiano is young, I dont think Granda Zuniga is experienced. In fact his name has never been heard in the elite circles. However He has surely made his case over here by first ousting the Hungarian star Peter Leko and then the Dutch lad Anish Giri! Thus he cannot be taken lightly! But Caruana is a class apart! He is almost 2800 and the pace at which he is rising I think Carlsen's rating of 2872 is in danger of being broken! This one I am sure is in Caruana's bag!
Prediction: Caruana.

Gelfand vs Maxime Vachier.
This is an extremely interesting match up. The French Vachier Lagrave is an extremely talented player. He is great at Rapid play and blitz. Over all he seems quite nicely suited for this format. Also age is on his side. However the player he is facing is facing a resurgence in his career at the age of 45! Boris Gelfand is by far playing the best chess of his life. I am sure the hours he put in preparing for his match against Vishy Anand are now coming handy. The ease with which he has dispatched each of his opponents in this tournament without going into rapid play even once, makes me feel that Gelfand is definitely the superior player here.
Prediction: Gelfand

 Kramnik vs Ivanchuk
When two Legends meet each other over the board there is bound to be fireworks!! If you were to ask 100 players who is stronger amongst the two, I am sure 90 would say Kramnik. However if you were to ask who will win when they both play each other the answer is unclear! It is mainly because with Ivanchuk, you dont know what to expect! He is known as the living encyclopaedia of chess openings!!The Ukranian genius is definitely very strong but I have a feeling that after a few bad tournaments previously, the former Russian World Champion Vladimir Kramnik is looking to straighten out his record and I think no one can stop him here Not even the great Ivanchuk!
Prediction: Kramnik.

Nakamura vs Korobov.
Both of them look dangerous characters! In fact they could well be some kind of Rugby players or Mafia dons! But they decided to play chess and they brought their chaotic nature to the game of chess as well!! The talents of the USA genius Nakamura are definitely well known to all of us. But Korobov is extremely talented too! Once when i was looking through his games, I saw his sheer attacking flare! The lack of respect for material equilibrium can surely be seen from his games! With both players so aggressive and blood thirsty, I can definitely see a high intensity struggle but one that I feelNakamura will be better at handling!
Prediction: Nakamura.

Log onto to http://www.chessworldcup2013.com/live to watch live games at 18.30 IST.

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  1. Every one need to read this to understand how a young passionate chess lover & a player can build up the atmosphere amongst the chess enthusiasts...Saga well written & even a lay man like me has got excited to watch the games live. More importantly you have boldly treaded on a path most fear.. of predicting winners when there is so little to choose between them.. Enjoyed & Keep it up!!!!