Sunday, June 24, 2012

Too close for comfort!

White to play and win

The two knights anf the rook form a mating net around the black king but unfortunately one of whites knight is falling. So white must be tricky! He starts off with 1.Kg5 Re5 (Rh4 2.Rg3 Kh2 Kh4 loses) 2.Kf4 Rh5 3.Rg3! Kh4 (Kh2 4.Nf3 Kh1 5.Rg1#)


Just have a look at this position. It might seem that black is now fine but the fact that his rook is close to the king doesnt let his king escape and now with 5.Rg1! black simply has no way to save to the game!

 White to play and win

Using the knowledge acquired in the last problem we can surely try to solve this one! Its obvious that white must start with 1.Bf6! Kf7 2.fe6 Ke8 and now a cheeky move 3.Ra2! threatening Ra8# 3...Kd8( ef6 4.Kd6 leads to a forced mate.)
It seems as thought black king is excaping but now white makes a wonderful sacrifice 4.Be7!! Ke7 (Kc7 5.Bf8 Rf8 6.e7 and that ending is losing for black) 5.Ra7 Kd8 (Ke8 6.Kd6 is again a similar pattern) Is now white left with any ammo? the little pawn comes to the rescue 6.e7!! Ke8 (Kc8 7.ef8=Q Rf8 8. Ra8+-) 7.ef8= Q Rf8 (Kf8 doesnt change much)

Again the black rook is too close to be good! and hence White king moves in with 8.Ke6 and black must decide whether he wants to resign right now or after a few moves!

A pattern that is worth remembering!

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