Thursday, June 16, 2011

Revisiting bonn 2008!

how can we all forget the game 5 in bonn 2008 between anand and kramnik! Anand had played one of the most unusual tactical shot ever seen in a world championship level match.
Heres the position:

Black- Anand

Kramnik has two passed pawns on the queenside. if anand doesnt do something quick he is in for trouble! And here Anand shocked Kramnik and the entire chess world with 1....Ne3!!
the N has to be taken 2.fe3 fe3

And after a long think here Kramnik resigned! I still remember his face. He was hoping against hope for some miracle but Anand had seen it all!!
This example has been etched in my memory ever since it has been played!
and so on 16th june 2011 when i was just playing a blitz game online i sensed there was a chance to repeat anand's feat!

I was BLACK.

here i came up with the nice move taking the open file with 1...Rd7! white as per his plan checked with 2.Rf6+

What should black play here?

Well the natural move saving the piece is Rf7 but then after the exchange of rooks,the endgame can be at best said to be very complicated. instead i came up with the fantastic resource
2....Ke7!! inspired by vishy anand! 3.Rf5 Rd1 4.Nf1 Ke6! 5.Rf8 e3!
and now we can definitely see the contours of the game Kramnik vs anand!!

White to play.

white has absolutely nothing here!! the black e pawn is going to queen or cost white an entire rook!! the game continued

6.fe3 fe3 7.Re8
(Rf2 was relatively the best choice here but then that ending would be clearly lost!)

7...Kf6 8.Rf8 Ke7 9.Rf5 Ke6 10.Rf8 e2!

the e pawn has done it for black! its going to queen!!
What a co-incidence! the idea used in this game is a complete replica of what Anands game showed us!!
This example reiterates my point that try to see as many tactical motifs as possible at home so that during the game you can easily reproduce them!!


  1. Good Work Buddy! Proud of You :)

  2. super kool.... nice implementation!

  3. showz ur class sagar bhai!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That game was one of my favorite games of Anand.
    I was disappointed to find out that this game was not included in his best game collection by Gambit Publication. (His other Semi-Slav win was, which of course is a great game too)