Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All the best Ketan!

My friend Ketan Patil is in midst of a very important tournament! These positions are for him so that he can enjoy solving them, learn from them, and win a prize and come back and give us a party!

Black to play.
This position has been taken from Jacob Aagaard's book Practical Chess Defense and i will have to agree that it is one of the most brilliant defensive idea i have ever seen. the position isnt very difficult as such but if one can play such an idea during a game then he will surely be immortalised!
1...Bd3!! A Brilliant move which i will coin as Decoyflection(which is a synthesis of decoy and deflection). actually this is a nice position to understand the difference between decoy and deflection. If the queen takes the B then it is deflection. We defelected the queen away from the attack. but if the King takes the B then its a decoy because we brought the king to a square which it doesnt want to be on.
A move like 1...Qe7 is refuted by 2.Qh6 Qh7 3.Qf8 Qg8 4.Qh6 Qh7 5.Bf6 Kg8 6.Rg1+-
1...fe5 is also useless as after 2.Qh6 Kg8 3. Rg1 Kf7 5 Rg7 black is slaughtered.

To find a move like Bd3 you need a free mind. Once you see that such a move can be played then you will immediately get the answer but thinking of this move in the first place is a challenge. If you can somehow wriggle yourself out of forcing thinking and expand your horizons of selecting a move then you can surely improve as a player.
2.Kd3 Qe7 and now the difference is there for all of us to see Qh6 check will be met with Qh7 counter check!!
Black is up a rook and with some care he went onto win the game!
Position No.2

White to play.
This is one of my favourite studies composed by Wotava. It is from the book Studies for Practical players by Mark Dvoretsky. This problem also isnt very difficult but aesthetically very beautiful. If you havent solved it and are trying to see the answer, I would recommend you to give it another shot. Solving this problem will give you great pleasure.

I am sure that you have considered only 2 candidate moves here Nd4 and Bd4 or maybe any one of these.
The funny thing is that 1 Nd4 seems completely winning but has a small problem in it.1...ed4 2.Bd4 and it seems like a forced mate but black has a very cheeky stalemate trick up his sleeve with 2...Ba7! and after 3.Ba7 Qb6!! which actually deserves a diagram.

4.Bb6 and unfortunately its a stalemate!
The right idea is to start with 1 Bd4!! ef4 (1...ed4 loses instantly to Nd4 and Nf3# cannot be averted.) 2.Bf2 Kg5 3. Bh4!! I guess this would have been the most difficult move to find! and now after 3...Kh4 4.Nd4 !
The game is over as Either black gets mated due to Nf3 or loses his queen tp Ne6+.
A very beautiful study you must agree where as in life you have a choice and as always only one of them is correct!!

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